Additional Name Stamping / Symbols

Additional Name Stamping / Symbols

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Put Your Stamp On It

Each AdoraBella product is carefully debossed by hand, creating a mark that lasts beautifully. Make an item truly your own with initials, name or even labels. 

Please do not forget to indicate NAMES / INITIALS to be stamped per product ONTO THE NOTES SECTION UPON CHECKOUT.

Some Reminders

  • All AdoraBella products (except the Cari Pouches, Calla Earbud Clips and the Tosyo Card Holder) now comes with free name stamping. The number of names per product is indicated in the product description
  • ADDITIONAL FEES apply for stamping of EXTRA NAME/SYMBOL onto the product (i.e. stamping on front cover of passport holders, stamping of a symbol [heart, smiley]
  • Stamping leadtime is strictly 2-3 weeks (depending on current volume of orders)
  • Length of name depends on area of stamping. Some products can accommodate up to 8 letters, others only 5-7 letters. Maximum number of letters is indicated in the description of our products
  • Only 2 repeating letters allowed per name, unless 3rd repeating letter in at the end of the name